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What we do


We work to spread the open data culture everywhere. We are ready for conference, workshops, teaching, training ... everything about open data policy and tools. We are big fans of OpenStreetMap.


We need to be always updated about the topic of open data. We love to discover what happens around open data from different point of view (technologic, sociologic, economic).


To improve and understand better open data we need tools. We create some tool useful for our research and for everyone who want understand the open data topic..

Open Data

What can open data do for you?



The projects where we are involved

Open Data 200

study the impact of opendata in Italy

The Telecom Italia Big Data Challenge

Open Big Data

Open Data Challenge

Trentino Open Data Challenge


Future INternet Open Data EXpansion

ODI Certificates

Open Data Certificates in italian language

Dati Trentino

Open Data in Trentino

Our Amazing Team

Paolo Traverso

director of the ICT FBK center

Maurizio Napolitano


Francesca De Chiara


The ICT center of FBK is the official node of the Open Data Institute. The coordination is entrusted to the unit DCL - Digital Commons Lab


our small steps

  • October 2013

    We are offical node

    The FBK-ICT research center is since October 2013 the first Italian node of the Open Data Institute (ODI).

  • January 2014

    The birth of Digital Commons Lab

    Starting from January 2014, thanks to the active participation in the international open data community (Open Knowledge) and research network (The Governance Lab at NYU), FBK has established a brand new unit, DCL - The Digital Commons Lab, which officially delivers projects as the ODI Trento. Our node is an action-oriented lab, a catalyst for the open data culture in Italy.

  • December 2014

    What we did

    Researchers in DCL are interested in working on the quality and integration of crowdsourced data, building tools and enhancing data accuracy and reliability; analyzing the impact of the reuse of open data and collaborating with public administration to improve the process of opening up public data sets. Current activities include the promotion of the use of OpenStreetMap in order to raise citizens’ awareness and participatory planning (for example in case of emergencies); running training sessions, focused on open data reuse and digital storytelling, to stimulate the demand and conversation around data involving NGOs, local companies and local government institutions.

  • Now

    What we do

    The lab’s members are actively working on FINODEX a EU- funded project focused on the reuse of open data by start-ups and SMEs and on the translation and adoption of the Open Data Certificates in Italy.

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